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// Word Up is currently *paused* due to Charlie and Laura having a baby! We'll be back // Spoken word is exploding, and there's no barrier to entry. We’re building a space for creatives to share their thoughts through poems / raps / lyrics. Anyone is welcome, virgins or veterans. Together we'll create a group with open ears and free-flowing words. Expect outspoken, lively words from both newcomers and some established artists. Open mic slots are open to registration on the night from 7:30pm, so get down early. The spoken word will kick off at 8pm. Open mic will be "1 piece" slots (5 minutes max). Price: Free Please share! Run by: Charlie de Courcy, Laura de Courcy, Hannah Gordon, and Thomas Owoo
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Word UpMonday, December 2nd, 2019 at 5:30pm
We’re doing a people's choice online poll for our first event!

To nominate an artist (or yourself), post a video from our Word Up YouTube Channel in the comments and then share them in your own feeds, and we will use the views to whittle it down to a top ten and create a poll. The winner of the people’s choice poll will win a 10 minute feature set at our first event. Nominations close Sunday 15th December 2019, poll will go live on Monday 16th December 2019.
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Word UpFriday, November 29th, 2019 at 4:30pm
We are excited to announce the revival of Word Up!
We have been awarded funding as part of the #brent2020 culture fund to put on 6 stellar live events at the Royal Oak Harlesden and continue the conversation we started with Harlesden in 2015.

We are back with a new but older team; Charlie de Courcy Word Up founder, Hannah Gordon whose been at the helm of the writing group words down; which will continue to run weekly (Tuesdays, 7.30, Rubio: open to anyone with a desire to write), and the incredible Desree, who has always been championed by Word Up since she started performing there in 2015.

Together we present the Word Up we all grew up with, same love, same video quality, same hat to drop your name into - and add the very best of the UK spoken word scene, along with artists with musical elements to close our live shows, happening 6 times across 2020.

For 2020, we are back with a bang and as part of this project we will continue to champion emerging talent on our open mic and offer a program of creative workshops at Harlesden Library to offer development opportunities to Brent residents.
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Word Up
Word UpThursday, November 28th, 2019 at 7:06pm
We are excited to announce the revival of Word Up!
We have been awarded funding as part of the #brent2020 culture fund to put on 6 stellar live events at the Royal Oak Harlesden. Packed with stellar headliners, home grown and from further afield - make sure you keep up to date with what we have in store....
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Word UpTuesday, September 11th, 2018 at 10:38am
We're going to be putting Word Up to rest for a bit.

When Laura and I started out on the WU journey, life looked pretty different and we had time and love spare to shape and sculpt the events in to something that we, the poets and the audience found home in.

With a new family, new job, and time getting sliced in to smaller and smaller scraps, I don't have the capacity in my headspace to bring the nights back to a level we can be proud it, and contribute to the community that deserve better than mediocrity.

Thank you to everyone that came in to join us for the brief revival. It was amazing to paint the room with nostalgia and share some beautiful and inspiring moments. I hope that it was something gained, and not lost.

There's some amazing nights that are happening all over London that we'd encourage you to get to if you haven't already been. Spoken Word London is iconic, warm and open - and is an amazing haven for all of the voices of London.
Shay D Rap, Shauna O'briain and Ruarai Obriain's "Lyrically Challenged" laid roots of inspiration, love and unity that fuelled us in setting up WU, and gave us a bar to rise to. Whilst LC is gone, Shay's (Sound Minds) "Word on the Street" is where the heart still beats thumps and clear, raising the bar with every beat.

Thanks Thomas Owoo, Andre LL-Offical, and recently Zak Antrobus for all of the media support.
The Words Down writing group will still be going strong, led by the indomitable Hannah Gordon. Find yourself there with a pen some time.

Much love.
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Word Up added 90 new photos — at HarlesdenFriday, August 31st, 2018 at 4:13pm
Zak Antrobus / Ghettogeek TV
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Word UpThursday, August 30th, 2018 at 1:46pm
Hello all. We're really gutted to have to cancel the event on Monday - we're sorry to let down those who were planning to attend.

We'll be "back to normal" soon and can't wait to get going with the quality and love that you've come to expect.
Thank you to the Royal Oak for being so welcoming and supportive. Watch this space!

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